Chicken Wings and Pizza The Perfect Brantford Combo Take Out Pack For Your Special Event

“Savor the Celebration: Wing Your Way to a Pizzazz-filled Party with Luciani’s!”

When it comes to special events, whether it’s a birthday bash, a game day gathering, a family reunion, or an impromptu get-together, the culinary combo of chicken wings and Pizza stands out as an unbeatable tandem. Luciani’s Pizza in Brantford crafts this dynamic duo with a flair that is sure to elevate any celebration. This customizable, crowd-pleasing pair is your one-stop solution for easy planning, diverse flavours, and complete satisfaction that can only be described as the Perfect Brantford Combo Take Out Pack.


Imagine the aroma of freshly baked Pizza mingling with the enticing scent of spicy, savoury wings. It’s an invitation to indulge that few can resist. Luciani’s Pizza, a name synonymous with quality and taste in Brantford, offers an array of choices in both wings and Pizza that promise to turn your special event into a gastronomic fiesta. Here’s to exploring how you can create the ultimate party pack for your next special occasion!

  1. Assess Your Guest List: 
    1. Understand the number of guests to determine the size of your order.
    2. For intimate gatherings, Small or Medium wing portions paired with a few 11″ or 13″ pizzas might suffice.
    3. Large groups may require a Party wing pack along with multiple 15 “21” square pizzas for hearty appetites.
  2. Mix and Match Flavors: 
    1. Wings: 
      1. Small $6.00
      2. Medium $13.50
      3. Large $16.50
      4. X-Large $20.00
      5. Party $24.50
    2. Pizza Sizes: 
      1. 11″ Small
      2. 13″ Medium
      3. 15″ Large
      4. 18″ X-Large
      5. 15″x21″ Square
      6. 13″ Gluten-Free
    3. Offer a variety of wing flavours and pizza toppings to cater to different taste preferences.
  3. Cater to Dietary Restrictions: 
    1. Inquire about any dietary restrictions or allergies among your guests.
    2. Opt for the 13″ Gluten-Free pizza option for guests with gluten sensitivities.
    3. Consider vegetarian and vegan pizza toppings to ensure inclusivity.
  4. Balance Between Classic and Adventurous Choices 
    1. Classic pizza choices such as Margherita, Pepperoni, and Supreme remain timeless favourites.
    2. Introduce adventurous toppings like buffalo chicken, Mediterranean delights, or gourmet vegetables for the daring palates.
  5. Consider the Kid-Friendly Factor: 
    1. Children often prefer simple flavours. Offer cheese or pepperoni pizzas in smaller sizes.
    2. Choose mild wings for the little ones to avoid any overly spicy mishaps.
  6. Timing is Everything: 
    1. Place your order well in advance to ensure timely preparation and delivery.
    2. Coordinate the pick-up or delivery time with the start of your event to serve the food fresh and hot.
  7. Budget Accordingly: 
    1. Tailor your order to fit your budget while offering a generous spread.
    2. Taking advantage of the larger party packs can provide better value for money for big events.
  8. Enhance the Meal with Sides and Extras: 
    1. Think about complementing the Pizza and wings with side salads, garlic bread, or dipping sauces for a complete meal experience.
  9. Don’t Forget the Drinks: 
    1. Offer a selection of beverages, from sodas and lemonades to bottled water, to keep your guests well-hydrated and happy.
  10. Presentation Matters: 
    1. Arrange the pizzas and wings in an appealing manner to make the food not only delicious but also visually inviting.


Your special event deserves the finest, and Luciani’s Pizza is here to deliver just that with its Perfect Brantford Combo Take-Out Pack. By considering the number of attendees, offering a mix of flavours, including options for dietary restrictions, and balancing classic and novel choices, you can guarantee a memorable feast. Don’t overlook the importance of thoughtful additions like kid-friendly selections, sides, and beverages to round out your offering. With Luciani’s, every detail from timing to presentation is handled with the utmost care, ensuring your event is a delicious success.

Ready to place your order or need assistance planning your menu? 

Reach out to us and let Luciani’s help make your special event a hit with our irresistible chicken wings and Pizza!

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